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Happy New Year and look at 2018

It never ceases to amaze me how often pundits and soothsayers offer utterly inaccurate prognostications for capital markets. It does not amaze me, however, that the financial media, consistent promoters of “fake news”, are willing to give many of these talking heads a forum for their worthless nonsense.

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My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the greatest inventions of the last decade or so. If you are not currently listening to any you are denying yourself access to some of the greatest minds of our era. In this post I hope to open your eyes to the world of podcasting and introduce you to a few of my favorites.

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It’s Time for a Fire Drill

When I was a kid in grade school we routinely had fire drills rehearsing procedures to be used in case of emergency.  Inevitably, we ended up in the schoolyard on a cold, blustery day.  My classmates and I saw the exercise as a great way to get out of class until one...

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2017 Quarter 1 Market Update

“The only investors who should not diversify are those who are right 100% of the time.” Successful investing can be a frustrating endeavor.  All too poignant are the memories of the “Lost Decade” when hapless investors in the S&P 500 Index posted a negative ten-year...

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